Table 4

Examples of sexism experienced or witnessed by male and female cardiologists

Examples of sexism reported by male cardiologists“Aware of bias against female cardiology appointments.”
“(An) assumption that male trainees do not have caring responsibilities.”
“Female middle and senior managers appear to hate male doctors.”
“I am aware of negative attitudes towards women among some colleagues.”
“Positive discrimination for female gender.”
“I think cardiology would be a very difficult choice for a female who wants to start a family. It is not a family friendly specialty.”
“I think the gender biases are there, complex and often subconscious there are no women consultants in my unit of 6.”
Examples of sexism reported by female cardiologists“I am subject to open intimidation and undermining by male colleagues in professional discussions. I feel ignored or not taken seriously, being spoken to in a condescending way; inappropriate banter in clinical meetings.”
“Bias towards interventional training of men rather than women.”
“Constant undermining of my suggestions.”
“Bullying and lack of respect.”
“Department doesn’t promote women. Male dominated.”
“I have been taken off an on-call rota to favour a male colleague who was married with children because the advisor didn’t think I needed the money as much as he did- and was told that this was not for discussion.”
“…being told not to have any more children (no male colleague has had this experience, as far as I know). Being subjected to unwanted sexual advances, and unacceptable behaviours with “laddish” culture. Invasive questioning about my personal and sex life. Accused of being aggressive if I speak up about an issue or topic.”