Table 2

OR for complicated disease course

VariableOR95% CIP value
Univariable analysis
 Male2.50.8 to 8.20.134
 Age, per 5 years1.31.1 to 1.70.018
 Comorbidities (two ore more)7.12.1 to 24.50.002
 Overweight (BMI>25 kg/m 2 )7.21.9 to 28.30.004
 Cyanotic heart disease/ES13.22.5 to 68.40.002
Multivariable analysis
 Comorbidities (two or more)6.71.2 to 35.80.027
 Overweight (BMI>25 kg/m2)16.43.2 to 83.40.001
 Cyanotic heart disease/ES60.07.6 to 474.0>0.001
  • Among the five patients who died during their hospital stay, COVID-19 related complications and the underlying cardiac defect were considered to interact and contribute to the fatal outcome in four cases. In one case (Patient 3 in table 4), coronavirus infection was considered likely not to be a major contributor to fatal outcome.

  • BMI, Body Mass Index; ES, Eisenmenger syndrome.