Table 1

Baseline patient characteristics

CharacteristicsEvaluable population (n=329)
Age, years61.4±10.0
Male200/329 (60.8)
Body mass index27.6±4.2
Left ventricular ejection fraction, %61.6±6.9
Left atrial diameter, mm39.1±5.2
CHA2DS2-VASc score1.6±1.4
Patient medical history
Atrial fibrillation duration, months22.0 (6.0, 60.0)
Atrial flutter63/329 (19.1)
Hypertension138/329 (41.9)
Type II diabetes22/329 (6.7)
Coronary disease34/329 (10.3)
Thromboembolic events19/329 (5.8)
Congestive heart failure9/329 (2.7)
 NYHA class I4/329 (1.2)
 NYHA class II5/329 (1.5)
Previously failed anti-arrhythmic drug(s)
Number of failed anti-arrhythmic drugs1.7±0.7
 Failed any class I/III anti-arrhythmic drug242/329 (73.6)
 Failed any class II/IV anti-arrhythmic drug232/329 (70.5)
  • Numbers in the table are represented as mean±SD, n/N (%) or median (IQR).

  • NYHA, New York Heart Association.