Table 3

Weight change in patients with baseline BMI ≥27 kg/m2 from baseline to 12-month follow-up stratified per baseline lifestyle-related risk factor group

Intervention group (n=280)Control group (n=257)Between group mean difference (95% CI)p-value
Lifestyle-related risk factor groups
BMI≥27 kg/m2 only−4.7±6.8−1.0±4.1−3.7 (−5.6 to −1.7)<0.001
BMI≥27 kg/m2 and smoking*1.4±6.5−0.1±4.91.5 (−1.1 to 4.1)0.25
BMI≥27 kg/m2 and inadequate physical activity†−4.4±6.8−0.1±4.1−4.3 (−5.9 to −2.7)<0.001
BMI≥27 kg/m2, smoking and inadequate physical activity*†−0.3±6.70.4±5.5−0.7 (−2.7 to 1.4)0.52
  • Weight change in kg presented as mean±SD.

  • *Smoking at baseline or smoking ≤6 months before hospitalisation.

  • †Self-reported based on WHO recommendations.

  • BMI, body mass index.