Table 2

Baseline characteristics (prior to pregnancy) for patients with and without aortic dilatation

Ascending aortic dilatation*
No aortic dilatation†
P value
Age (median (IQR))31.1 (28.1–34.3)28.3 (25.7–32.3)0.01
Nulliparity42/81 (52%)31/59 (53%)0.59
Hypertension9/81 (10%)11/59 (19%)0.18
Smoking (current-former)1-10/623-7/540.51
BMI (median (IQR))23.7 (21.3–27.8)24.4 (20.5–27.9)0.98
Aortic diameter42 (38–46.5)//
Prior aortic dissection3/81 (4%)5/59 (8%)0.36
BAV27/81 (33%)18/59 (31%)0.72
Valvular intervention
 Aortic8 (6M, 2R)3 (1B, 2?)
 Mitral5 (1M, 1B, 3?)/
 BB27/49 (55%)14/27 (52%)0.81
 ACE-I3/55 (5,5%)0/300.55
 ARB0/471/25 (4%)0.35
 VKA9/23 (39%)0/90.035
  • Categorical variables are presented as count divided by the total number of valid/available data and percentages between brackets.

  • *Presence of aortic dilatation at moment of inclusion.

  • †Data on aortic dilatation were missing in 49 cases.

  • ACE-I, ACE inhibitor; ARB, angiotensin receptor blocking agent; BAV, bicuspid aortic valve; B, bioprosthesis; BB, beta-blocking agent; M, mechanical valve; R, valve repair; VKA, vitamin K antagonist.;