Table 1

Results of the BSCMR 2019 survey

Country/RegionPopulation (million)Number of CMR scans in 2018Number of CMR scans per million population 2018Number of CMR scans in 2017Number of CMR scans per million population 2017Number of CMR unitsNumber of CMR units per million populationNumber of CMR scannersNumber of CMR scanners per million populationNumber of CMR consultantsNumber of CMR consultants per million populationMedian outpatient waiting time (days)
East of England6.3814712936749107161.081.3335.233
London9.239 152425633 2413613111.2272.9697.525
Midlands10.717 025159115 0731409151.4272.5565.242
North East and Yorkshire8.412 285146310 3131228101.2242.9455.433
Northwest7.412 562169810 936147891.2172.3375.042
England total 56.0106 780190792 8231658711.31392.53045.440
Northern Ireland 1.9245013022300122210.542.1105.3180
Scotland 5.44495827412875961.1173.1234.255
Wales 3.11242396113536241.361.9144.550
UK total 66.4114 9671731100 3861511821.21662.53515.341
  • BSCMR, British Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance.