Table 3

Comparative haemodynamic and exercise data between uninjured and CRTI participants

CharacteristicsUninjured vs CRTICRTI by NISS category
UninjuredCRTIP value¶NISS <13NISS ≥13P value**
Heart rate, per minute56.27±8.3859.91±9.99<0.000158.48±9.3061.32±10.47<0.0001††‡‡§§
Brachial systolic blood pressure, mm Hg132.0±11.44131.0±11.470.14131.9±10.79130.1±12.040.06
Brachial diastolic blood pressure, mm Hg2.06±8.2571.79±8.810.6071.28±8.6272.29±8.970.31
Mean brachial arterial pressure, mm Hg94.68±9.6894.69±9.810.9994.83±9.3994.59±10.220.96
Aortic systolic blood pressure, mm Hg127.2±11.88126.6±11.740.37127.2±11.14125.9±12.290.30
Central augmentation index, %*15.20±8.2017.59±8.77<0.000117.04±8.5618.18±8.98<0.0001††‡‡
Pulse wave velocity, m/s8.11±1.618.23±1.950.268.32±1.868.14±2.040.26
Stroke volume index, mL/m255.47±10.7953.10±11.330.00354.39±11.1251.83±11.49<0.0001‡‡§§
Cardiac index, L/m23.10±0.633.14±0.680.253.15±0.683.13±0.690.43
Physical activity recommendation, %§351/536 (65.5)315/548 (57.5)0.007157/279 (56.3)158/269 (58.7)0.022
6 min walk distance, m630.6±95.69538.1±173.8<0.0001592.5±136.1484.1±189.9<0.0001††‡‡§§
  • Data presented as mean (SD), median (IQR) or number (%), unless otherwise stated.

  • All physiological parameters were obtained using the Vicorder device.

  • *Corrected for resting heart rate.

  • †Calculated as the stroke volume divided by body surface area.

  • ‡Calculated as SVI×resting heart rate.

  • §Defined as >150 min of moderate or >75 min of vigorous weekly physical exercise.

  • ¶Tests the difference between CRTI and uninjured.

  • **Tests the difference between uninjured, NISS <13 and NISS ≥13.

  • ††Significant (p<0.05) post-hoc differences: uninjured vs NISS <13.

  • ‡‡Significant (p<0.05) post-hoc differences: uninjured vs NISS ≥13.

  • §§Significant (p<0.05) post-hoc differences: NISS <13 vs NISS ≥13.

  • CRTI, combat-related traumatic injury; NISS, New Injury Severity Score; SVI, stroke volume index.