Table 1

Baseline clinical features of the overall COVID-19 population and patients treated with and without antiplatelet therapy

General populationAntiplatelet therapy, mean±SDNo antiplatelet therapy, mean±SDP value
Patients, n78247306986
Age, years64±1774±1263±17<0.01
Male sex (%)586857<0.01
Baseline clinical profile (%)
 Obesity (BMI >30)1920180.16
 Renal failure (ClCr <30 mL/min)6126<0.01
 History of lung disease182417<0.01
 History of heart disease226717<0.01
 History of cancer1316120.02
Clinical features at admission (%)
Laboratory data
 Procalcitonin >ULN (%)1516150.38
 Admission D-dimer levels >3 ULN (%)556855<0.01
 Admission creatinine levels (mg/dL)1.7±2.02.0±1.21.3±2.00.73
 Admission leucocyte count (×109/L)6.4±5.66.7±5.46.4±5.60.04
 Admission lymphocytes (×109/L)1.0±1.10.9±1.61.0±1.80.04
 Admission platelets (×109/L)201±98188±97202±98<0.01
In-hospital therapy (%)
In-hospital complications (%)
 Thromboembolic events2.
 Need for mechanical ventilation8.
  • BMI, body mass index; ClCr, clearance of creatinine; ULN, upper limit of normal.