Table 2

Studies reporting heart failure incidence identified in systematic review

StudyLocationDiagnostic criteriaSettingAge range
Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Central AsiaRywik, 1999PolandICD-9 codesNational healthcare records
High-incomeHuusko, 2019Southwest FinlandICD-10 codesElectronic medical records18+
Li, 2019USASigns and symptomsSample from existing population-based studies40+
Lindmark, 2019SwedenICD-10 codesElectronic medical records18+
Magnussen, 2019Western EuropeSelf-report, signs and symptoms or ICD-10Patients in four cohort studies
Uijl, 2019The NetherlandsICD-9 and ICD-10 codesTwo cohort studies (MORGEN, Prospect)
Conrad, 2018UKICD-10 codesElectronic medical records16+
Hinton, 2018EnglandRead codes for signs and symptomsPatients in 164 participating centres18+
Shah, 2018Massachusetts, USAFramingham criteriaFramingham offspring study
Tsao, 2018USAFramingham criteriaFramingham original and offspring study
Einarsson, 2017IcelandAgeing Study criteriaHjartavern’s Ageing Study
Khera, 2017USAICD-9 codesRepresentative sample of Medicare records65+
Piccinni, 2017ItalyICD-9 codesPatients from participating hospitals14+
Stork, 2017GermanyICD-10 codesInsurance records
Nayor, 2016Massachusetts, USAFramingham criteriaFramingham offspring study
Sangaralingham, 2016USAICD-9 codesCommercial insurance database
Ohlmeier, 2015GermanyICD-10 codesInsurance records
Barasa, 2014SwedenICD-9 and ICD-10 codesHospital discharges, death registry18–84
Borne, 2014Malmo, SwedenICD-9 and ICD-10 codesCohort study (MDC)Born 1923–1950
Corrao, 2014Lombardy, ItalyICD-9 codesHealth services database
Khan, 2014USASigns and symptomsRandom sample of Medicare beneficiaries65+
Rautiainen, 2013SwedenICD-10 codesCohort study of two countiesWomen
Born 1914–1948
Shah, 2013USACardiovascular Health Study criteriaCohort study in six communities (MESA)
Zarrinkoub, 2013Stockholm, SwedenICD-10 codesPublic health system database
Wasywich, 2010New ZealandICD-9 codesPublic health system database18+
Curtis, 2008USAICD-9 codesRepresentative sample of Medicare records65+
Loehr, 2008USAICD-9 codesPopulation-based cohort (ARIC)45–64
van Jaarsveld, 2006Northern NetherlandsICPC codesSample from participating GPs57+
de Giuli, 2005UKChart extractionSample from general practice database45+
Bleumink, 2004Rotterdam, The NetherlandsEuropean Society of Cardiology 2001 criteriaCohort study of single suburb55+
Lee, 2004CanadaICD-9 codesHospital discharges, death registry20–105
McAlister, 2004ScotlandRead codes for signs and symptomsPatients from participating hospitals
Murphy, 2004ScotlandRead codes for signs and symptomsPatients from participating hospitals18+
Fox, 2001South London, UKEuropean Society of Cardiology 1995 criteriaRegistry of participating practices
Senni, 1999Minnesota, USAFramingham criteriaRandom sample of single county
Zannad, 1999Lorraine, FranceSigns and symptomsPatients from participating hospitals20–80
Remes, 1992Eastern FinlandBoston criteriaPatients from participating hospitals45–74
Kannel, 1991USAFramingham criteriaFramingham study
North Africa and Middle EastAl Suwaidi, 2004QatarFramingham criteriaPatients in referral hospital
Southeast Asia, East Asia and OceaniaTseng, 2011Taiwan (Province of China)ICD-9 codesRandom sample of insurance registrar20+
Hung, 2000ChinaICD-9 codesPatients in 11 participating hospitals
  • ARIC, Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study; GP, general practitioner; ICD, International Classification of Disease; MDC, Malmö Diet and Cancer; MESA, Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis; MORGEN, Monitoring Project on Risk Factors for Chronic Diseases.