Table 1

Studies reporting heart failure prevalence identified in systematic review

StudyLocationDiagnostic criteriaSettingAge range
High-incomeCuthbert, 2019East Yorkshire, UKRead codes for signs and symptomsPatients from a single practice
Leibowitz, 2019IsraelSigns and symptomsCohort from Jerusalem Longitudinal Cohort StudyBorn 1920–1921
Lindmark, 2019SwedenICD-10 codesElectronic medical records18+
Smeets, 2019BelgiumICPC codesPatients in participating hospitals
Cho, 2018Republic of KoreaICD-10 codesHealth insurance patient sample (HIRA-NPS)19+
Danielsen, 2017Reykjavik, IcelandAGES-Reykjavikstudy criteriaRandom sample from censusBorn 1907–1935
Einarsson, 2017IcelandAgeing Study criteriaHjartavern’s Ageing Study
Khera, 2017USAICD-9 codesRepresentative sample of Medicare records65+
Piccinni, 2017ItalyICD-9 codesPatients from participating hospitals14+
Stork, 2017GermanyICD-10 codesInsurance records
Taylor, 2017AustraliaICPC codesPatients from randomly sampled practices45+
Lee, 2016Republic of KoreaICD-10 codesHealth insurance records19+
Tuppin, 2016FranceICD-10 codesInsurance records
Jiménez-García, 2014Madrid, SpainChart extractionPublic health system database
Khan, 2014USASigns and symptomsRandom sample of Medicare beneficiaries65+
Tiller, 2013GermanySigns and symptomsCohort study in one community
Zarrinkoub, 2013Stockholm, SwedenICD-10 codesPublic health system database
Mureddu, 2012Lazio, ItalyESC 2005 criteriaRandom sample by mail65–84
Carmona, 2011Madrid, SpainICPC codesElectronic medical records14+
Engelfriet, 2011The NetherlandsICPC codes and E-codesRepresentative general practice registries
Leibowitz, 2011IsraelSigns and symptomsCohort from Jerusalem Longitudinal Cohort StudyBorn 1920–1921
Alehagen, 2009Southeast SwedenSigns and symptomsSurvey of rural municipality70–80
Anguita Sanchez, 2008SpainFramingham criteriaRegistry of participating hospitals45+
Knox, 2008AustraliaSigns and symptomsPatients in randomly sampled practices
Ammar, 2007Minnesota, USAFramingham criteriaRandom sample of county45+
Abhayaratna, 2006Canberra, AustraliaSelf-report verified by record reviewRandom sample from electoral roll60–85
Azevedo, 2006Porto, PortugalSigns and symptomsPopulation health survey45+
Ceia, 2005PortugalESC 1995 criteriaRandom sampling, primary care centres25+
Di Bari, 2004Dicomano, ItalyESC 1995 criteriaSurvey of the elderly in small town65+
McAlister, 2004ScotlandRead codes for signs and symptomsPatients from participating hospitals
Murphy, 2004ScotlandRead codes for signs and symptomsPatients from participating hospitals18+
Ni, 2003USASelf-reportNational health statistics18+
Redfield, 2003Minnesota, USAChart extractionRandom sample of single county45+
Ceia, 2002Madeira, PortugalESC 1995 criteriaRandom sampling, primary care centres25+
Cortina, 2001Asturias, SpainSigns and symptomsRandom sample from census40+
Davies, 2001West Midlands, EnglandESC 1995 criteriaSample from primary health centres45+
Kitzman, 2001USASigns and symptomsRecruitment from participating field centres65+
Mosterd, 1999Rotterdam, The NetherlandsSigns and symptomsCohort study of single suburb55+
Kupari, 1997Helsinki, FinlandSigns and symptomsRandom sampling of residentsBorn 1904, 1909 or 1914
Kannel, 1991USAFramingham criteriaFramingham study
Latin America and CaribbeanMcSwain, 1999Antigua and BarbudaICD-10 codesPatients from referral hospital
North Africa and Middle EastAgarwal, 2001Dhakliya, OmanSigns and symptomsPatients in referral hospital13+
Southeast Asia, East Asia and OceaniaHao, 2019ChinaModified ESC 2016 including self-reportRandom sample15+
Shan, 2014ChinaSigns and symptomsRandom sampling60+
Dongfeng, 2003ChinaSelf-reportRandom sample35–74
Hung, 2000ChinaICD-9 codesPatients in 11 participating hospitals
  • AGES, age, gene/environment susceptibility; ESC, European Society of Cardiology; HIRA-NPS, Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service-National Patient Samples; ICD, International Classification of Disease.