Table 4

Predictors for 1-year target lesion failure

PredictorOR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Europe vs Asia1.631.36 to 1.96<0.0001Europe vs Asia1.561.29 to 1.89<0.0001
Europe vs Africa/Middle East1.801.31 to 2.470.0003Europe vs Africa/Middle East2.011.45 to 2.79<0.0001
Europe vs South America/Mexico0.840.67 to 1.050.13Europe vs South America/Mexico0.910.72 to 1.140.39
Age (+10 years)1.331.27 to 1.41<0.0001Age (+10 years)1.171.10 to 1.24<0.0001
Body mass index (+5 kg/m²)0.950.89 to 1.020.17Body mass index (+5 kg/m²)0.930.87 to 1.010.073
Diabetes1.621.43 to 1.83<0.0001Diabetes1.441.26 to 1.64<0.0001
Renal impairment2.772.36 to 3.26<0.0001Renal impairment1.921.62 to 2.29<0.0001
Previous PCI1.681.48 to 1.90<0.0001Previous PCI1.421.23 to 1.63<0.0001
Previous CABG2.552.12 to 3.07<0.0001Previous CABG1.301.03 to 1.650.027
NSTE-ACS1.131.00 to 1.280.049NSTE-ACS1.201.05 to 1.380.0093
STEMI1.040.90 to 1.210.57STEMI1.581.33 to 1.87<0.0001
Multivessel disease1.671.48 to 1.89<0.0001
No of lesions identified (+1)1.331.27 to 1.39<0.0001No of lesions identified (+1)1.241.17 to 1.31<0.0001
No of lesions treated (+1)1.301.19 to 1.41<0.0001No of lesions treated (+1)0.810.70 to 0.930.0022
RCA treated0.740.65 to 0.84<0.0001RCA treated0.730.64 to 0.84<0.0001
Left main treated3.382.75 to 4.17<0.0001Left main treated1.881.49 to 2.38<0.0001
Graft treated4.033.00 to 5.46<0.0001Graft treated1.831.26 to 2.660.0016
Bifurcation1.771.52 to 2.06<0.0001Bifurcation1.321.12 to 1.560.0011
In-stent restenosis1.731.40 to 2.04<0.0001In-stent restenosis1.240.98 to 1.570.068
Moderate/severe calcification1.501.31 to 1.71<0.0001
Lesion type B21.381.21 to 1.57<0.0001
Lesion type C1.431.25 to 1.62<0.0001
Small vessels1.231.10 to 1.390.0005
Total stent length1.0081.006 to 1.011<0.0001
No of stents implanted (+1)1.301.23 to 1.37<0.0001No of stents implanted (+1)1.261.15 to 1.37<0.0001
Radial access0.730.64 to 0.85<0.0001Radial access0.810.69 to 0.940.0066
  • CABG, coronary artery bypass graft; NSTE-ACS, non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; RCA, right coronary artery; STEMI, ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.