Table 4

Additional appointments and diagnostic procedures attended by patients followed as a result of one or more extracardiac finding on CCTA

Imaging procedure or appointmentAll patients
Lung nodules
 Outpatient clinic14992
 Virtual (mainly lung nodule) clinic328316
 Multidisciplinary meeting5244
Cost £47 553 £37 260
 Mammography with breast ultrasound scan94
 Ultrasound scan114
 CT-guided lung biopsy88
 Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy52
Other tests
 Pulmonary function tests6437
 Bronchoscopic procedures149
Cost £95 375 £76 483
Total cost £142 928 £113 743
  • Total numbers of appointments/procedures are shown, with the total cost in each section.

  • PET-CT, positron emission tomography with CT.