Table 2

Haemodynamicparameters before and after CURB (n=18*)

Pre-CURBPost-CURBP value
SAOP (mm Hg)102.2±11.6112.4±6.5<0.001
SPAP (mm Hg), median (IQR)†116.5 (101.0–134.0)110.5 (98.0–127.0)<0.001
MPAP (mm Hg), median (IQR)†72.5 (66.0–92.0)71.0 (65.0–91.0)<0.001
MRAP (mm Hg)12.6±2.010.1±1.4<0.001
LVEDP (mm Hg)9.5±2.110.7±1.9<0.001
CI (L/min/m2)2.1±0.32.8±0.2<0.001
PVR (Wood unit)21.1±6.821.1±6.70.666
Room-air resting SatO2 (%)93.4±1.987.2±0.8<0.001
  • Values expressed as mean±SD for normally distributed variables and median (IQR) for non-normally distributed variables.

  • *The patient who had increased pericardiac effusion postoperatively was excluded.

  • †Non-normally distributed variables.

  • .CI, cardiac index; CURB, combined use of radiofrequency ablation and balloon dilation; LVEDP, left ventricular end diastolic pressure; MPAP, mean pulmonary artery pressure; MRAP, mean right atrial pressure; PVR, pulmonary vascular resistance; SAOP, systolic aortic pressure; SatO2, arterial oxygen saturation; SPAP, systolic pulmonary artery pressure.