Table 2

Physical activity and heart rate characteristics observed before the occurrence of the RR-NSVTs

Physical activity
 Moderate-to-vigorous intensity (min/day)30 min before0 (0)
 Light intensity (min/day)30 min before0 (1.4)
Heart rate
 Average heart rate (bpm)30 s before62 (20)
 Percentage of maximum heart rate* (%)30 s before38 (9.5)
Estimated intensity from heart rate†
 Vigorous intensity (n)30 s before0
 Moderate intensity (n)30 s before2
 Low intensity (n)30 s before33
  • Data presented as median (IQR).

  • *Maximum heart rate=208−(0.7×age).

  • †Intensity classified following the European Society of Cardiology standards.7