Table 3

Main findings and outcomes of matched patients with mAS and asAS, divided into HVC versus SOC

HVC (n=156)SOC (n=156)P value
Total cardiac consultation/year, n1.6±10.8±0.9<0.001
Exercise stress/year, n0.5±0.30.2±0.4<0.001
BNP determinations, n2.3±0.71.3±1.2<0.001
No of CCT, n (%)41 (26.3)20 (12.8)0.002
Calcium score, mean±SD2499±17081812±12320.413
Time indication to AVR, months1.9±13.3±1.3<0.001
NYHA class at AVR, n (%)0.032
 I–II38 (54.3)20 (33.9)
 III–IV32 (45.7)39 (66.1)
AVR, n (%)70 (44.9)59 (37.8)0.250
 SAVR63 (90)54 (91.5)0.994
 TAVR7 (10)5 (8.5)
HF readmission, n (%)36 (23.1)24 (15.4)0.114
1-year all-cause death, n (%)*4 (2.6)17 (11.3)0.003
  • Continuous variables are presented as mean (SD) or median (LQ–UQ), when indicated; categorical ones are represented as n (%).

  • *Differences in categorical variables were analysed using Fisher’s exact test.

  • asAS, asymptomatic severe aortic stenosis; AVR, aortic valve replacement; CCT, cardiac computed tomography; HF, heart failure; HVC, heart value clinic; LQ, lower quartile; mAS, moderate aortic stenosis; NYHA, New York Heart Association; SAVR, surgical aortic valve replacement; SOC, standard of care; TAVR, transcatheter aortic valve replacement; UQ, upper quartile.