Table 4

Hospital attendance for cardiovascular emergency or elective treatment within 8 months of rapid access chest pain clinic attendance

Type of attendancePre-FFRCT (n=259)Post-FFRCT (n=284)P value*
Patients, n (%)Patients, n (%)
A&E attendance15 (5.8)14 (4.9)0.705
Inpatient admission (elective)101 (39.0)69 (24.3)<0.001†
Inpatient admission (for reasons other than angiography or revascularisation)33 (12.7)28 (9.9)0.341
Inpatient admission (emergency)18 (6.9)22 (7.7)0.745
Outpatient appointment256 (98.8)282 (99.3)0.673
  • *P values calculated using Fisher’s exact test.

  • †Significant with Bonferroni correction applied to the group of five observations (p<0.01)

  • A&E, accident and emergency; FFRCT, CT fractional flow reserve .