Table 2

Baseline, month-30 follow-up, and change from baseline for averaged per patient carotid intima–media thickness (CIMT) for six segments for patients having at least one post-baseline CIMT study (n=640)

VariableRimonabant (n=313)Placebo (n=327)p Value
Baseline, mean (SD)0.816 (0.167)0.828 (0.171)0.38
Month-30 end point, mean (SD)0.827 (0.170)0.840 (0.186)0.33
Arithmetic change from baseline to month-30 end point, mean (SD)0.010 (0.095)0.012 (0.091)0.67*
Progression/year, mean (SD)0.005 (0.042)0.007 (0.043)0.45*
Month-30 end point, LS mean (SE)0.825 (0.010)0.845 (0.010)
Progression/year, LS mean (SE)0.004 (0.002)0.006 (0.002)
Difference in progression versus Placebo, LS mean (SE)−0.002 (0.003)0.53
  • * p Value is from an analysis of covariance model with treatment as a factor and baseline CIMT as a covariate.

  • LS means and p value are from a linear mixed model (Laird–Ware model) which includes treatment as a factor, time as a covariate and an interaction between treatment and time, with randomly varying intercepts and slopes.