Table 4

Mean age for cardiac procedures

K26Plastic repair of aortic valve67.071.64.6
K40Saphenous vein graft of valve or artery62.762.5−0.2
K45Connection of thoracic artery to coronary artery62.056.6−5.4
K49Transluminal balloon angioplasty of coronary artery60.658.3−2.2
K50Other therapeutic transluminal operations on coronary artery66.664.4−2.3
K60Cardiac pacemaker system introduced through vein74.674.4−0.2
K61Other cardiac pacemaker system74.077.53.5
K63Contrast radiology of heart61.360.4−0.8
K65Catheterisation of heart63.560.2−3.3
K66Other operations on heart70.467.4−3.0
All cardiac procedures64.160.1−4.1