Table 4

Psychological distress among BScc and Sorin recipients related to knowledge of valve received

BScc study groupSorin study group
Participants Mean (SD) n Mean (SD) n p value4-150
Correct knowledge of type of valve received129.2 (35.5)34115.0 (23.6)240.4
Incorrect knowledge of type of valve carried122.6 (30.0)15126.4 (38.0)560.5
  • Values are means scores on the GSI from the SCL-90. For one BScc and two Sorin participants results on the SCL-90 could not be analysed because answers on too many items were missing.

  • 4-150 Analysis of variance (p value for study group difference), adjusting for marital status. Mean GSI scores for married BScc and Sorin recipients who correctly knew what valve they carried were 119.8 (30.9) and 113.1 (23.0), respectively.