Table 1

Patient details, showing haemodynamics before occlusion of patent arterial duct for group 1 patients, and surgical details for group 2 patients

Group 1Group 2
Patient Weight (kg) Age (years) Diagnosis Qp:Qs (pre-occl) PA pressure (pre) S/D/M Patient Weight (kg) Age (years) Diagnosis Operation
212.52.5PDA25/11/171149.013.4Constrictive pericarditisPericardectomy, TV repair
355.510.8PDA2.5:124/10/17125.80.6Partial AVSD, cleft MVAVSD closure + MV repair
49.81.4PDA2:125/7/22137.01.3VSDClosure VSD
510.10.5PDA1.6:125/8/171412.64.7Congenital MV diseaseMV repair
653.214.0PDA15/4/81514.13.7VSD, mild PSClosure VSD, pulmonary valvotomy
712.21.7PDA2:130/12/18168.21.3VSDClosure VSD
  • –, data not available; AVSD, atrioventricular septal defect; MV, mitral valve; PA, pulmonary artery; PS, pulmonary stenosis; Qp:Qs, pulmonary to systemic blood flow ratio; TGA, transposition of the great arteries; TV, tricuspid valve; VSD, ventricular septal defect.