Table 1

Details of 22 patients with hospital acquired infective endocarditis

CaseSex/ageOrganismValveCardiac predispositionSource of organismUnderlying illnessEchocardiographySurgeryOutcome
1F/56 S aureus MNoneArteriovenous fistulaRenal failureTOE,minorMVRSurvived
2M/68MRSAMNoneSternal wound (4 weeks)Coronary heart  diseaseNot doneNoDied
3M/77MRSATNoneIV cannulae (1 week)NoneTTE, vegTVRSurvived
4M/38MRSAMNoneTPN line (2 weeks)AppendectomyTTE, vegMVRSurvived
5M/72MRSAMNoneIV cannulae1-150 ErythrodermaNot doneNoDied
6M/37 S aureus TVSD, previous IEArteriovenous fistulaRenal failureTTE, NADNoSurvived
7M/58 S aureus ABicuspid AVAngioplasty (3 weeks)Coronary heart  diseaseTTE, veg/ARAVRSurvived
8M/63 S aureus MNoneLaminectomy wound (2 weeks)NoneNot doneNoDied
9M/31 S aureus TNoneHickman line (6 months)AIDSTTE, NADNoSurvived
10M/35 S aureus TNoneCentral line (3 days)Renal failureNot doneNoSurvived
11M/78 S aureus MNoneWound (6 weeks)MelanomaTTE, MRNoDied
12M/70 S aureus ?NoneIV cannulae1-150 (2 weeks)Renal failureTTE, NADNoDied
13F/64 S aureus AARCentral line (3 days)Renal failureTTE, vegNoDied
14M/60 Ent faecalis ANoneCystectomy (3 weeks)Bladder cancerTOE, vegAVR
MV repair
15F/74 Ent faecalis MMSCystoscopy (6 weeks)Renal calculiTOE, vegNoSurvived
16F/3 weeks C albicans TPDATPN line (2 weeks)PrematurityTTE, vegNoDied
17M/3 weeks C albicans TNoneTPN line (2 weeks)PrematurityTTE, vegNoDied
18M/6 months C albicans TNoneHickman TPN line (2 months)Jejunal atresiaTTE, TRNoDied
19F/68 S epidermidis AMRPermacathRenal failureTOE, abscessAVRSurvived
20M/54 S epidermidis MNoneCentral lineRenal failureTTE, minorNoDied
21M/80 S epidermidis ABicuspid AVIV cannulae1-150 (3 weeks)Bladder cancerTTE, vegNoDied
22F/76 S epidermidis ANoneCentral line (3 months)Polya gastrectomyTTE, vegNoSurvived
  • 1-150 Peripheral.

  • MRSA, methicillin resistant S aureus; M, mitral; A, aortic; T, tricuspid; ?, not known; AR, MR, TR, aortic, mitral, tricuspid regurgitation; PDA, persistent ductus arteriosus; VSD, ventricular septal defect; IE, infective endocarditis; IV, intravenous; TPN, total parenteral nutrition; AV, arteriovenous; TTE, TOE, transthoracic, transoesophageal echocardiography; veg, vegetation; NAD, no abnormality detected; MV, mitral valve; AVR, TVR, MVR, aortic, tricuspid, mitral valve replacement.