Table 2

T wave alternans (TWA), signal averaged electrocardiography (SAECG, one or two criteria), and combination of TWA and SAECG as predictors of inducible ventricular arrhythmias at electrophysiological testing

nSensitivitySpecificityPV+PV−RRAccuracyp value
TWA4370%88%64%90%6.884%< 0.0001
SAECG-I3550%62%21%86%1.560%< 0.29
SAECG-II3550%76%30%88%2.571%< 0.10
TWA+SAECG-I4360%94%75%89%6.686%< 0.0001
TWA+SAECG-II4360%97%86%80%7.788%< 0.0001
  • n, number of cases with a determinate test result; PV+, positive predictive value; PV−, negative predictive value; RR, relative risk.