Table 1

Baseline characteristics of trial subjects who responded and failed to respond to the final questionnaire

(n = 1173)
Failed to respond (n = 92)p value1-150
Group: intervention50.6%45.7%0.425
Sex: male58.4%50.0%0.144
Mean age (years)66.164.3 0.091
Previous myocardial infarction (MI)45.0%38.0%0.235
Mean time since MI (years)7.67.7 0.950
“Appropriate” secondary prevention
 Aspirin management66.0%61.6%0.483
 Blood pressure management87.2%82.6%0.208
 Lipid management12.9%9.8%0.487
 Moderate physical activity34.9%25.0%0.075
 Low fat diet48.4%54.5%0.352
  • 1-150 χ2 test for proportions and independent samplest test for means.

  • MI, myocardial infarction.