Table 5

Stepwise and multiple regression analysis showing predictors of peak oxygen consumption

CoefficientF to removeRAdjusted R2
Stepwise regression
Step 10.620.36
 RV long axis excursion5.0512.05
Step 20.770.56
 RV long axis excursion11.1823.03
 RV long axis peak shortening rate−1.399.48
Step 30.840.65
 RV long axis excursion9.9321.80
 RV long axis peak shortening rate−1.4112.49
 Mitral A wave velocity5.505.94
Multiple regressionp Value
 RV long axis excursion0.0002
 RV long axis peak shortening rate0.0025
 Mitral A wave velocity0.026
  • Mitral A wave velocity, peak velocity of the atrial component of mitral filling; RV, right ventricular.