Table 3

Effect size of the intervention on aspects of “appropriate” secondary prevention (expressed as odds ratios, adjusted for baseline performance, age, sex, and practice)

Effect from membership of intervention group
Odds ratio(95% CI)p value
Aspirin management3.22(2.15 to 4.80)< 0.001
Blood pressure management5.32(3.02 to 9.41)< 0.001
Lipid management3.19(2.39 to 4.26)< 0.001*
Moderate physical activity1.67(1.23 to 2.26)0.001
Low fat diet1.47(1.10 to 1.96)0.009
Non-smoking0.78(0.47 to 1.28)0.322
  • Baseline performance was strongly predictive for all aspects.

  • Other significant predictors were: *age (OR = 0.95) and general practice; age (OR = 0.97); age (OR = 1.05).

  • CI, confidence interval.