Table 2

Transplantation for heart failure after previous antiarrhythmic surgery

Age/sexVT-op typeVT-op to Tx or death (months)Days on active Tx listKCCADs pre VT-opLVEF (%)WMSCITx (+/−)Status
(follow up)
54/MER; C×422107IV33222.0+Died (3 d)
60/MER; Cryo; C×328120IV32842.0+Alive (8 m)
58/MER; C×521547II32611.8+Alive (15 m)
58/MER; Anx; C×21250IV32932.0+Alive (86 m)
54/MER; C×21679IV22932.0Died of LVF
  • Anx, aneurysmectomy; C, coronary artery bypass grafts; CADs, extent of coronary artery disease; CI, cardiac index; ER, map guided endocardial resections; KC, Killip class of heart failure; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; LVF, left ventricular failure; Tx (+/−), cardiac transplantation performed or not; VT-op, antiarrhythmic surgery; WMS, wall motion score.