Table 2

Clinic patient characteristics for the three three-month periods (March to May)

198719921997p Value
Mean (SD) age (years)38.5 (8.9)33.6 (13.5)31.7 (11.7)< 0.001
Male (%)51.146.955.7NS
Palliation only16.719.318NS
Previous repair48.959.269.20.002
Previous reoperation2.2109.20.01
Main diagnoses (%)
Atrial/ventricular septal defect17.821.622NS
Tetralogy of Fallot2016.214.3
LVOT obstructive lesions21.112.312
Complete TGA7.87.710
RVOT obstructive lesions96.27.7
Coarctation of the aorta5.66.26.9
Marfan syndrome2.26.25.4
Congenitally corrected TGA2.23.14.3
Atrioventricular septal defect1.11.63.4
Eisenmenger syndrome1.11.63.1
Ebstein anomaly of TV2.23.12.3
Complex/other lesions8.919.212.9
Investigations (%)
Holter monitoring7.87.76.9NS
Exercise RNA6.
Cardiac catheter (diagnostic)
  • Palliation only, for patients with one or more previous palliative, not “corrective,” procedures; Previous repair, for patients who had undergone interventions, providing haemodynamic and or anatomical repair; Previous reoperation, for patients who had required further intervention, following previous repair. Previous repair and reoperation are not mutually exclusive—that is, the total is >100%.

  • L(R)VOT, left (right) ventricular tract obstruction; RNA, radionuclide angiography TGA, transposition of the great arteries; TV, tricuspid valve.