Table 3

Conference profile for two three-month periods (March to May)

19921997p Value
Number of conferences119
Number of cases discussed1730
Mean (SD) age of patients (years)31.6 (14.2)38.8 (14.7)NS
Male (%)41.256.7NS
Residence (%)
Metro Toronto11.816.7NS
 Other Ontario82.456.7NS
 Outside Ontario5.926.70.08
Previous operations (%)
External referrals (%)
Percentage of total number of cases52.946.7NS
 Community cardiologists3-150 44.450NS
 Academic cardiologists3-150 33.342.9NS
 Paediatric cardiologists3-150 22.27.1NS
Outcome (%)
No intervention11.823.3NS
 Additional data requested52.933.3NS
 Admission for intervention35.343.4NS
  • Additional data requested, additional information required before firm management recommendations could be made; Admission for intervention, case scheduled for elective intervention either at the tertiary or referring centre; External referral, new cases either seen at the clinic for the first time or referred directly for conference review; the remainder are follow up cases previously seen at the TCCCA; No intervention, no need for intervention at present.

  • 3-150 Percentage in relation to external referrals. Repair and reoperation not mutually exclusive—that is, total is > 100%.