Table 2

Mean differences in order of importance in scores for variables associated with poor overall quality of life in a multiple regression model

Mean difference in overall SF 36 scorep Value2-150
Current unemployment because of ill health compared to return to work−32.3< 0.001
Inhalers/no inhalers−26.9< 0.001
Dyspnoea score< 0.001
 ⩾ 2 v 0 or 1−22.7
Number of antianginal drugs< 0.001
 ⩾ 2 v 0 or 1−7.6
Frequency of chest pain0.001
 ⩾ 1 episodes per week v < 1−16.4
Anxiolytics v no anxiolytics−19.30.001
Antiarrhythmicsv no antiarrhythmics −10.40.020
Need for coronary revascularisation v no need−8.90.03
  • 2-150 p values are for influence of variable on overall quality of life, the overall scores derived from the first principal component (see text).