Table 2

Contribution of population risk factor changes to the fall in coronary heart disease mortality in Scotland, 1975 to 1994. Deaths prevented or postponed as a result of risk factor reductions

Risk factor reductionPatients eligible% risk factor reductionAbsolute risk reductionTotal deaths prevented or postponed2-150Proportion of overall deaths prevented or postponed
Smoking19352000.360.1322405  (1792–3126)36%
 Regression0.1372492 (2233–3126)
 Population attributable risk0.1272318 (1792–2846)
Cholesterol19352000.050.021383 (71–1859)6%
 Regression0.037669 (501–1859)
 Population attributable risk0.00597 (71–1859)
Population BP19352000.090.0561015 (319–2202)6%
 Regression0.0901625 (1263–2202)
 Population attributable risk0.022404 (319–842)
Deprivation19352000.070.012213 (82–456)3%
 Population attributable risk
 Other factors19352000.033600 (396–798)9%
Total risk factors4025 (3417–4679)60%
  • 2-150 Minimum and maximum estimates; 6% = 15% for overall population blood pressure fall, minus 9% for hypertension treatment.