Table 3

Ontario score

Anatomical equivalentStable anginaUnstable angina
Left main stenosis5.404.854.753.402.15
Multivessel disease including PLAD6.156.005.503.902.55
3 vessel disease excluding PLAD6.456.355.803.902.65
1 vessel disease including PLAD6.806.555.804.052.90
1 or 2 vessel disease excluding PLAD6.956.656.154.153.05
Number to be subtracted if non-invasive test suggests high ischaemic risk0.900.750.75NANA
  • PLAD, proximal left anterior descending coronary artery. Adapted with permission from: Naylor CD, Baigrie RS, Goldman BS,et al. Assessment of priority for coronary revascularisation procedures.Lancet1990;335:1070–3. (Copyright by The Lancet Limited, 1990.)