Table 7

Stepwise logistic analysis of patients with sVT or VF versus all other groups (patients without or with minor ventricular arrhythmias or non-sustained ventricular tachycardia)

sVT or VFCoefficientSEzP > (z)95% CI
EDVRV0.02388730.01201521.9880.0470.000338 to 0.0474367
QTd0.02015060.01022991.9700.0490.0001004 to 0.0402009
QRS0.0226310.03362180.6730.5010.0432665 to 0.0885286
QRSd0.00467140.03476970.1340.8930.0634761 to 0.0728188
  • Number of observations = 66; log likelihood = −16.053932; probability > χ2 = 0.02.

  • CI, confidence intervals; EDVRV, end diastolic volume of right ventricle; QTd, QT dispersion; QRS, QRS duration; QRSd, QRS dispersion; SE, standard error.