Table 3

Mortality in patients with low, intermediate, and high risk score, stratified by treatment group

Medically treatedSurgically treatedRisk ratio3-150
Group Total (n) % Died (n/n) % Died (n/n) RR 95% CI
Low risk score6817(7/42)19(5/26)0.870.3 to 2.5
Intermediate risk score6831(9/29)13(5/39)2.420.9 to 6.5
High risk score6975(30/40)24(7/29)3.111.6 to 6.1
  • 3-150 Risk ratio for mortality in medically treated patients and surgically treated patients.

  • Risk score model contained impaired left ventricular function, mitral regurgitation, New York Heart Association class, sex, and age.

  • CI, confidence interval; RR, relative risk.