Table 2

Procedural results with outcome data

CaseBefore stentAfter stent Stent sizeFU (years)
Resting O2 sat (%)ET (min)/ O2 sat (%)2-151ABIPDS
(mm Hg)
Resting O2 sat (%)ET (min)/ O2 sat (%)ABIPDS
(mm Hg)
169100 m/62414/14/138613/59220/18/188×401.6
28250 m/50420/11/1385No change417/13/166×373.3
  • 2-151  where exercise tolerance was very poor, metres walked was used as the exercise tolerance measure. ABI, ability index; ET, exercise tolerance on modified Bruce protocol or walking flat; FU, follow up; O2 sat; oxygen saturation in room air (pulse oximeter); PDS, pressure distal to stenosis; stent size (mm), diameter × length.