Table 3

Anthropometric data, exercise capacity, heart rate, and blood pressure responses to exercise in 75 patients performing a symptom limited cycle exercise test 5–8 days after thrombolytically treated acute myocardial infarction

All subjects (n = 75)
Age (years)64 (9)
Weight (kg)77 (15)
Resting heart rate (beats/min)71 (12)
Maximal heart rate during exercise (beats/minute)115 (18)
Resting blood pressure (mm Hg)134 (25)
Maximal blood pressure during exercise (mm Hg)165 (29)
Increase in blood pressure during exercise (mm Hg)34 (18)
Maximal exercise capacity on cycle ergometer (W)93 (25)
Exercise capacity per kg (W/kg)1.23 (0.29)