Table 6

Ability of symptom limited versus low level exercise tests to predict events within one year

Positive symptom limited test (n = 39)Negative or inconclusive test (n = 36)Positive low level
test (n = 15)
Negative (or inconclusive) low level test (n = 60)No exercise
test (n = 23)
All events19491411
Hard events (Death/AMI)4 1/32 0/22 1/14 0/45 3/2
Soft events (CABG/PTCA)15 7/82 2/07 3/410 6/46 4/2
  • Three of the patients with reinfarction also underwent an intervention such as CABG or PTCA. Five tests were inconclusive at the symptom limited end point. There were no cardiac events in the patients with inconclusive tests. AMI, acute myocardial infarction.