Table 2

Distribution of antipeptide autoantibodies in chagasic patients with or without basal bradycardia

GroupsAntipeptide mAChR antibodies
Number positive/totalPercentage
IA (asymptomatic)32/3591
IA (cardiomyopathy)17/2085
  • Microtitre wells were coated with 1 μg peptide and enzyme immunoassay (elisa) was carried out in the presence of sera from group IA with basal bradycardia, group IB without basal bradycardia, and group II (normal subjects), as described in Methods. Optical density (OD) values more than 2 SD above the normal mean (119 (4)) were taken as positive. Cut off value for OD = 127.

  • 2-150 p < 0.00001 v group IA, χ237.5.