Table 1

Criteria used for a primary PTCA policy in infarct patients initially admitted to the referring hospitals

Cardiogenic shockSystolic blood pressure < 90 mm Hg, > 30 minutes despite volume replacement, and clinical signs of hypoperfusion and/or urinary output < 20 ml/h
Extensive anterior infarctionST elevation in > 2 precordial leads of > 2 mm
Extensive inferior infarctionInferior infarction with ST segment depression in precordial leads
Inferior infarction with right ventricular involvement Inferior infarction with ST elevation in right precordial leads
Recurrent infarctionPrevious Q wave infarction in other locations
Contraindication for thrombolysisRecent major surgery, prolonged mechanical resuscitation, gastrointestinal bleeding
Age over 70 years
Diabetes mellitus