Table 1

Patient details

PatientAge (years)Weight (kg)DiagnosisPrevious surgeryPrevious catheter interventionUpper limb BPDrug treatment
11460COASCFlap, Dacron patch, conduitBD × 1160/50Capropril/nifedipine/ atenolol
22967COA, ASSCFlap, E/E, AVRBD × 1160/90Nifedipine/Aldactide
4620COA, ASNoneNone138/88None
5822COASCFlapBD × 2115/66Atenolol
61675COADacron patchNone146/69None
72457COADacron patchBD × 1145/80None
81017COA, Supra ASNoneNone158/80None
94358COA, ASNoneNone140/70None
104574COA, ASNoneNone155/85None
13828COAE/EBD × 1120/70Propranolol
141862COA, TOFConduitNone160/80Enalapril/nifedipine/ acebutolol
151667COASCFlapBD × 1155/100Enalapril/nifedipine
16419COAE/EBD × 1150/90Nifedipine
171345COASCFlapBD × 1190/105Amlodipine/perindopril
  • AS, aortic stenosis, AVR, aortic valve replacement; BD, balloon dilatation; BP, blood pressure; COA, coarctation of the aorta; E/E, resection and end to end anastomosis; SCFlap, subclavian flap aortoplasty; Supra AS, supravalve aortic stenosis; TOF, tetralogy of Fallot.