Table 2

Echocardiographic data

(n = 41)
(n = 22)
p Value
Colour Doppler assessment of aortic regurgitation
 Mild aortic regurgitation29 (71%)18 (82%)NS
 Moderate aortic regurgitation5 (12%)3 (14%)NS
 Severe aortic regurgitation7 (17%)1 (5%)NS
Left ventricular end diastolic diameter (mm)53 (9)50 (6)NS
Left ventricular end systolic diameter (mm)35 (11)33 (6)NS
End diastolic diameter of ascending aorta (mm)34 (5)36 (6)NS
Left ventricular ejection fraction (%)63 (12)68 (7)NS
Left ventricular mass index (g/m2)171 (53)107 (15)< 0.0001
Mean aortic gradient (mm Hg)11 (11)10 (10)NS
Aortic stenosis7 (17%)5 (23%)NS
Assessment of left ventricular diastolic function
 E/Amratio0.9 (0.5)1.4 (1.2)0.02
 Isovolumic relaxation time (ms)93 (26)83 (30)NS
 E deceleration time (ms)241 (85)197 (47)0.03
 Pulmonary vein S/D ratio1.7 (1.3)1.1 (0.4)0.06
 Pulmonary vein peak A wave (cm/s)30 (8)33 (15)NS
 Pulmonary vein A wave duration (ms)180 (47)156 (40)0.08
 E/Adtiratio0.78 (0.40)1.04 (0.45)0.04
 Calculated left ventricular relaxation constant τ55 (19)57 (22)NS
  • Data are presented as mean (SD) or number (%) of patient group.

  • E/Adti, early to late mitral annulus peak motion velocity ratio; E/Am, early to late transmitral peak velocity flow ratio; S/D, systolic to diastolic peak flow velocity ratio.