Table 2

Analysis of different emergency medical service systems

  • Register of studies in patients suffering from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest of cardiac aetiology and reporting their data according to the Utstein recommendations. Statistical analysis (χ2test) revealed that outcome in the present study is comparable to that of all other two13 15 16 and three14 tier EMT-BLS and physician staffed ALS systems and to one ALS system with paramedics,17 all located in midsized urban/suburban areas.13-16

  • 2-150 p < 0.05, **p < 0.001;

  • 2-151 Time between emergency call and arrival BLS/ALS on the scene;

  • 2-152 data reflect time interval between alarm of ALS unit and arrival on the scene.

  • ALS, advanced cardiac life support by paramedics; ALS-P, advanced cardiac life support by physicians; BLS, basic life support; EMT-BLS, emergency medical technician service providing basic cardiac life support; ND, not determined; NS, not significant.