Table 5

Characteristics of patients enrolled, end points, and annual mortality rates in the large β blocker trials in CHF

Number of patients109426473991
Mean age (years)586164
Male sex (%)778178
Mean LVEF (%)232828
Ischaemic heart disease7-150 475065
NYHA class (%)
Mean systolic BP (mm Hg)115130130
Mean diastolic BP (mm Hg)738078
Mean heart rate (beats/min)838182
Atrial fibrillation2017
Diabetes mellitus25
Primary end pointVariousMortalityMortality
Total number of deaths54384362
Annual mortality rate7-151
 PlaceboN/A7-152 13.211.0
 β blockerN/A8.87.2
Mean follow up7-153 6.5 months1.3 years1 years
  • 7-150 Strict criteria were used to diagnose ischaemic heart disease in CIBIS II;

  • 7-151 estimated annual mortality rate in CIBIS-II and mortality rate per patient year in MERIT-HF;

  • 7-152 median follow up only 6.5 months;

  • 7-153 median in case of USCP.