Table 2

Association between social deprivation, all emergency hospitalisations, severity of disease, and diuretic adherence

Deprivation categoryp Value
(n = 106)
(n = 204)
(n = 152)
All emergency hospitalisation data
Number of total hospitalisations per patient (geometric mean) in each group1.211.251.41NS
Patients hospitalised (%)565758NS
Number of hospitalisations per hospitalised patient (geometric mean)1.861.912.382-150 0.03
Measures of severity
Percentage died (%)162018NS
Average (SD) diuretic dose frusemide equivalents (mg)85 (38)78 (46)83 (39)NS
Median length of hospital stay (days)777NS
Adherence measure
Mean (SD) diuretic adherence (%)96 (29)93 (26)99 (36)NS
  • 2-150 Cochran-Armitage test for trend.