Table 3

Information about the children who died (n = 277)

Patient Year of surgery Age at surgery Weight at surgery (kg) Previous surgery PH at time of surgery Type of VSD and additional cardiac defects Miscellaneous Time from surgery to death (days) Probable cause of death
119934 months 10 days3.3YesPerimembranous VSD, PFOGestational weight 690 g at 30 weeks12PH, NEC, sepsis
219905 months 25 day6.3YesMultiple (3) muscular VSD, persistent LSVC0PH, immediate p/o myocardial failure
3198810 months 23 days7.0YesMuscular VSD with extension to the inflow tract. ASD secundum, PDADown's syndrome6PH, sepsis?
419868 months 14 daysYesPerimembranous VSD, straddling situation, aberrant right subclavian artery, left carotid from brachiocephalic trunk1PH, iatrogenic mitral regurgitation
519861 year
3 days
YesPerimembranous VSD with extension to the outflow tract1PH
619803 months
1 day
YesPerimembranous VSD, persistent LSVC, anomalous tricuspid valveMusculoskeletal anomalies, anal stenosis1PH, AV block III, myocardial failure
719802 years
3 months
4 days
PAB, closure of aberrant right sub-clavian arteryYesPerimembranous VSD with extension to the outflow tractDown's syndrome0PH, myocardial failure, sepsis?
819762 months 28 daysPABYesPerimembranous VSD with extension to the outflow tract, PFOPartial APVR diagnosed postmortem0PH, AV block III, myocardial failure
9197811 monthsYesPerimembranous VSD, ASD secundum, PDA, persistent LSVC anomaly and bicuspid aortic cusps2PH, digitalis intoxication
1019776 months 26 days7.0YesPerimembranous VSD (functional single ventricle), mitral regurgitation5PH, AV block III, brain death
  • APVR, anomalous pulmonary venous return; ASD, atrial septal defect; AV, atrioventricular; LVSC, left superior vena cava; NEC, necrotising enterocolitis; PAB, pulmonary artery banding; PDA, persistent ductus arteriosus; PFO, persistent foramen ovale; PH, pulmonary hypertension; VSD, ventricular septal defect.