Table 1

Definitions of clinical criteria for the presence of atherosclerotic vascular disease and risk factors

Clinical criteria Definitions
Coronary artery diseaseAny one of the following: documented history of myocardial infarction confirmed by Q waves on a 12 lead ECG; typical anginal chest pain confirmed by evidence of inducible ischaemia (exercise ECG, or myocardial perfusion scan); angiographic evidence; coronary revascularisation procedure
Cerebrovascular diseaseDocumented episode of sudden onset neurological deficit
Peripheral vascular disease Any of the following: documented history of intermittent claudication or abdominal aortic aneurysm; angiographic evidence; peripheral artery revascularisation procedure; amputation for vascular disease
Renovascular diseaseAngiographic evidence
Smoking historySubjects who had smoked in the last year
HypertensionSubjects on antihypertensive treatment, or with a systolic blood pressure ⩾ 160 mm Hg or a diastolic blood pressure ⩾ 90 mm Hg
HypercholesterolaemiaSubjects receiving lipid lowering treatment or with fasting plasma total cholesterol > 6.5 mmol/l
Family historyPresence of vascular disease in a first degree relative < 65 years