Table 4

Age adjusted correlation of autonomic function with homeostatic function in all patients

rsp Valuersp Valuersp Value
Spectral measures of heart rate variability
Non-spectral measures of heart rate variability
Clinical tests
 Valsalva ratio0.030.82−0.020.89−0.050.78
 Respiratory variation (beats/min)0.060.70−0.150.31−0.090.59
 30:15 heart rate ratio0.−0.220.17
 Supine/standing fall in systolic pressure (mm Hg)−0.300.040.070.64−0.090.59
 Increase in diastolic pressure; handgrip (mm Hg)−0.170.29
  • HF, high frequency; LF, low frequency; pNN50, proportion of adjacent RR intervals more than 50 ms different; rMSSD, root mean square of difference of successive RR intervals;r s, Spearman correlation coefficient; SD, mean of all five minute standard deviations of RR intervals; SDANN, standard deviation of five minute RR intervals; SDNN, standard deviation of all RR intervals from the mean.