Table 1

BCIS dataset to be completed annually by each centre

Your centre
Name of centre
Hospital identifierCode number only known to centre and BCIS
Your nameName of person completing the form
PositionPosition/grade of person completing the form
Contact telephone numberTelephone number of contact person
Contact fax numberFax number of contact person
Contact email addressEmail address of contact person
Surgical cover0 = none, 1 = on-site, 2 = off-site
Your catheter laboratories
Number of catheter laboratoriesNumber of labs in your centre
Number of adult catheter sessions per weekSession = half day in a single lab (includes mobile labs)
Do you have QCA?Yes/no
Number of cine labsNumber (0–6)
Number of digital labsNumber (0–6)
Method of archivingVideo, CD, laser disk, optical disk, cine film (may use > 1 method)
Diagnostic catheter procedures
Number of diagnostic catheterisersTotal number of diagnostic catheterisers
Consultant cardiologists (local)Consultant employed principally in your centre
Consultant cardiologists (visiting)Consultant employed principally in another hospital
Consultant radiologists
Associate specialists
Specialist registrars (cardiology)
Other grade
Total adult diagnostic proceduresCoronary and valve studies (excludes pacing, electrophysiology, paediatric and other work)
Intervention procedures
Number of consultant interventionists
Specialist registrars (radiology) cardiologistsNumber
Associate specialistsNumber
Number of interventional traineesNumber (this refers to specialist registrars specifically being trained in intervention and not those just given exposure to PTCA)
Other staffing questions
Number of catheter laboratory nursesIn your department
Number of cardiac techniciansIn your department
Number of cardiac radiographersIn your department
Total number of specialist registrars (SpRs):
 In your centreNumber
 Outside your centreRefers to SpRs in other hospitals but rotating with your centre
Other catheter laboratories locally List names of other hospitals undertaking catheterisation in your region/deanery and name possible contact person for each
Type of laboratories:
 Fixed dedicated cardiac
 Fixed shared
  • QCA, quantitative coronary angiography.