Table 1

Characteristics of patients and controls

Angina patientsControlsp1p2
AllTrial ITrial II
No65 31 34 33
Age (years)60.459.6 (46 to 81)60.8 (32 to 80)59.1 (32 to 77)NSNS
Male/female (n)57/827/430/424/9NSNS
Smokers (n)15966NSNS
Holter duration (h) (mean, range)23.0 (18 to 24)22.9 (19 to 24)23.1 (18 to 24)22.8 (18 to 24)NSNS
Angina duration (months) (median, range)3 (0.3 to 12)7 (1 to 240)0.008
One vessel disease (n)34727
Two vessel disease (n)181170.0001
Three vessel disease (n)880
CCS FC 0 (n)211NS
CCS FC I1037
CCS FC II19109
Calculated EF (n)371720
 Mean % (range)72 (54 to 90)72 (55 to 88)NS
Estimated EF (n)281612
 > 50% (n)281612NS
  • p1, all angina patientsv subjects; p2, patients in trial I v patients in trial 2.

  • CCS FC, angina classes established by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society; EF, left ventricular ejection fraction; Trial I, patients with recently developed angina, no other disease and on no drugs; Trial II, angina patients on the waiting list for PTCA, no other diseases, drugs withdrawn 4–7 days before Holter monitoring.