Table 1

Cardiac arrhythmias (%) in 351 patients with yellow oleander poisoning who were admitted to a secondary hospital in Sri Lanka or transferred from the north of the island to the tertiary centre in Colombo

Cardiac rhythm2° Hospital (n=118)3° Centre (n=233)
Sinus rhythm4340
Sinus bradycardia1914
Sinus arrest or exit block1616
Atrial fibrillation10.5
Atrial flutter01
Junctional rhythm21
Junctional bradycardia01
Junctional rhythm with block00.5
Supraventricular tachycardia36
1st degree AV block36
2nd degree AV block1313
3rd degree AV block78
Bundle branch block10.5
Ventricular ectopics22
Ventricular tachycardia01
Ventricular fibrillation00.5
Not recorded62
  • 2°, secondary; 3°, tertiary referral centre.