Table 2

Comparison of the follow up duration, time intervals, and atrioventricular flow profies between patients with disappearance of diastolic isovolumic relaxation (IVR) flow and those with persistent IVR flow

Patients with disappearance of IVR flow (n=6) Patients with persistent IVR
flow (n=5)
p Value
Age (years)17.4 (3.7)16.6 (2.1)NS
Duration since operation (years)12.4 (2.1)9.8 (0.8)0.024
R-R interval (ms)890 (109)841 (40)NS
IVRT (ms)88 (8)86 (8)NS
z score of IVRT+1.34 (1.00)+1.01 (0.54)NS
E wave deceleration time (ms)106 (21)124 (32)NS
z score of E wave deceleration time−2.77 (1.21)−1.97 (1.80)NS
A wave deceleration time (ms)75 (13)75 (8)NS
E wave velocity (cm/s)46 (9)54 (13)NS
A wave velocity (cm/s)30 (10)35 (16)NS
E:A velocity ratio1.7 (0.8)1.7 (0.4)NS